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INTRODUCTION UK based SaferWeb VPN is one of the latest additions to the VPN industry, based on the premise of “Privacy & Security Made Easy. Powered by a global server network, in-house leading edge apps, 256bit data encryption [].   UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION SaferWeb VPN establishes its competency with hands-on ‘privacy & data security’, no matter where users are. SaferWeb VPN aims to provide subscribers with “all the tools” required to protect them online at home, on the go, at work and on public networks. ”Offering servers in 6 continents, SaferWeb establish the importance of proactive online data security and privacy online.

I’ve no qualms recommending these guys on to friends and family. I’m glad I made the switch, my connections have been incredibly stable and fast (I prefer TCP protocol for this). Switched two months ago as my previous provider had too many disconnects. Mac software is easy to navigate and Android app is also idiot proof.

You can use our free VPN application for automatic setup. Please read our short tutorial to find out how to manually setup L2TP IPsec on Windows 8 system.

Learn how to setup VPN on windows 8 and become secure, anonymous and restriction-free in the cyber world.

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They said all of their servers are treated the same no matter the country the server is in, so using one of their servers that’s in a FVEY country isn’t any worse than using any other servers. For what it’s worth, their support backed up your claim about using VPN servers in FVEY countries. Very good to know.

  Having to buy overpriced cables for video and having to deal with a lame magnetic power connector are negatives but not significant ones. Surface’s pathbreaking keyboard cover, numerous easy options for add-on storage, superior wireless networking and USB port will make iPad owners jealous, at least until they see that the Surface inexplicably lacks 3G or 4G, although honestly given no shortage of small, easily-portable, inexpensive hotspots, that may not be the dealbreaker that it seems at first glance. The Surface hardware is an impressive tablet in many ways and a worthy competitor to the iPad.

This step-by-step video tutorial shows how to setup and access a VPN (PPTP) connection on Windows 8 http://www.

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With RT, I just open up a command prompt, try an ipconfig, a ping, maybe a tracert, and I have my answer. I love my iPad, but when I’m running it, I’m just a dumbass user.   For me, this is just so cool, enabling me to troubleshoot and repair tablet problems in a way that I can’t on the iPad short of turning it off and turning it back on. First, you get a complete backstage pass to your tablet. Is the network really not working, or is the CNN web server just too underpowered to respond to my request, or is the CNN app – horrors. – just plain buggy. There’s Device Manager, Disk Management, Event Viewer, GpEdit (yes, there are local GP settings, just not domain ones), the advanced firewall manager, Task Scheduler, Local User Manager, TPM management, and a lot more. With iOS, there’s no way to know. The CNN app says “the network connection is unavailable” when I’ve got five bars on Verizon 3G, and what does that mean.

First, I’m not being lazy in saying “Windows 8 Pro” rather than “Windows 8 Professional,” as the shorter name is the correct one — there is no Windows 8 “Professional,” just Windows 8 “Pro. And about that name “Windows 8 Pro,” let’s make a couple of points. ” Buying Windows 7 Professional was a bit frustrating for many Windows users, as Windows 7 Professional left you without Bitlocker, Applocker, boot-from-VHD and other things that Enterprise 7 could do, and so you had to buy Windows 7 Ultimate if you were a small business and wanted the full array of Windows 7 features. ” Second, let me repeat that Windows 8 Pro is essentially identical to Windows 8 Enterprise, feature-wise, unlike Windows 7’s “Pro. With Windows 8, however, there is no “Ultimate” SKU, and no reason for a small business user or a techie home user to feel that they’re missing something if they buy Windows 8 Pro rather than Windows 8 Enterprise.

16/month) Exclusive 65% Discount USA Fox Sport & ESPN Canada BeInSports & TSN Australia SBS & BeInSports New Zealand Sky TV Middle East BeInSports Malaysia Astro Super Sport Africa SuperSport TotalVPN (. 99/month) South Asia Ten Sports China CCTV Iran N/A []. Watch all the games of the UEFA Champions League 2015/2016 live and exclusive in your native language & HD quality video. Where to watch the UEFA Champion League Online We took the liberty to compile all the major regional online broadcasters to watch the UEFA Champions League online. Region Broadcaster Watch From Any Region Using: UK ITV & BT Sport PureVPN (.

This step-by-step video tutorial shows how to setup and access a VPN (PPTP) connection on Windows 8 http://www.

(Another word of warning: When it comes to providers that claim to be logless, you should always take their word with a grain of salt. Still, a little skepticism never hurt anyone – especially where online privacy and security is concerned. That said, there has yet to be an instance when VPNArea exposed or handed over user information, so we’re inclined to believe it does as it says.

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