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Go to your network adapters in Control Panel. Set the metric to 1. Right-click on the Cisco Systems VPN adapter, make sure Internet Protocol Version 6 is unchecked, click on Internet Protocol Version 4 and go to Properties. Do the exact same thing for your local area connection (wired or wireless) but set the metric to something much higher, like 50.

Shrewsoft VPN Client & Windows 10 Professional. I can personally confirm that the latest Shrew Soft VPN Client works on Windows 10. (Even with Windows 7 or 8.

am receiving the following error during connection however: . On a windows 7 machine. Hi all,I have installed Shrew soft VPN version 2.

The procedure works perfectly for Windows 10 x32 except you forgot to mention to enable Cisco Systems VPN Client in Device Manager after Regedit display name change. I also upgraded my cisco VPN client from version 5.

That is, until Windows 10 updated. Now I can finally do work. Then the VPN client stopped working again. At least, until the next Windows 10 update, maybe. But no worries, I uninstalled everything and followed the instructions again, to the letter, and I’m happy to say that everything is working again. By the way, I followed the instructions and everything worked perfectly. Thanks so much for putting together this helpful guide. My company hasn’t upgraded our VPN software yet, and I was unable to connect on my newer Windows 10 laptops.

Have changed the DisplayName in registry key in CVirtA
6. Have tried to connect after turning OFF the windows firewall and removing the antivirus software completely
3. Have tried to connect with other people’s username and password, who can connect successfully through their laptops. Pcf file and added ForceKeepAlive=1
5. Have tried to connect after plugging in the LAN cable directly instead of using WI-FI. Fixes that I have already tried out:
1. I have gone to services> Disabled ICS

1 Does the Shrew Soft Client support my 64bit Windows Operating System. Other similar software ( VPN clients, 3rd party firewalls, etc ) install filters. 7 or earlier, this problem is related to . Adapter on Windows 7 and using client version 2.

 Just do the following:. This will prioritise the Cisco VPN for DNS lookup when it is connected, hence your corporate servers’ DNS look will work correctly. (thanks to Chris’ tips. If you experience DNS lookup problems after the VPN is connected, do this: set IP metric for the Cisco VPN to 1, and set the IP metric for Local LAN connection to 50.

I have Shrew Soft version 2. From my network the VPN tunnel is established properly, but when I try to access the customer. 6 running on Windows XP PC.

Oct 13, 2015 · Hi guys we are using Cisco firewall and Shrew Soft VPN Client Free version and giving us a lot of problems do you know any good ones alternative and even.

When I was running the Shrew VPN client, it worked on Windows 7/8, but showed the same DNS . I have the same behavior on Windows 10.