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This one is very much like the Yubico, just a little fatter around the middle. However, I haven’t tested this feature. Otherwise, it’s also a sealed plastic body and capacitive touch sensor. The differences are a dollar and NFC support—which should let it work with Android.

First things first, the default position of the NE2000 card at 0x300/IRQ 9 does NOT WORK.  This is the biggest stumbling block, and time waster right there.  I loaded a PCnet driver, and it didn’t lock, but it didn’t work.  I loaded 2 ne2000’s thinking the second would come up in the correct position but that didn’t work either.  The solution of course is to dive into the parameters for QEMU to drive devices.

One candidate is called Ring Learning-With-Errors (RLWE) and I’ll try to give a taste of how it works in this post. This is strongly based on the A New Hope paper by Alkim, Ducas, Pöppelmann & Schwabe, and, in turn, on papers by Bos, Costello, Naehrig & Stebila and Peikert.

When it’s waiting for a touch, it starts flashing too. Whenever it’s plugged in, the green LED on the end is lit up and, although the saturation in the photo exaggerates the situation a little, it really is too bright. I photographed this one while plugged in in order to show the most obvious issue with this device: everyone will know when you’re using it.

Tata Communications is a Tier 1 global carrier and it is one of the top 8 global IP networks in the world.  When that’s combined with Steadfast’s InterNAP FCP and it’s hundreds of direct peering relationships, it instantly gives the company one of the highest performing networks in the industry.  The addition allows Steadfast to connect to 6 of the 8 largest IP networks in the world and increases the company’s network capacity to 113 Gbit/sec.

Update: two points came up in discussion about this. SHA-2 has the property that simply hashing a secret with some data is not a secure MAC construction, that’s why we have HMAC. Firstly, what about length-extension. SHA-3 does not have this problem.

Sometimes more extensibility points have been added inside of extensions in the expectation that it’ll save adding another, top-level extension in the future. They’ve just been a waste. This has generally been a mistake: these extension points have added complexity for little reason and, when we try to use them, we often find that bugs have rusted them solid anyway.

The visual indicator is an LED that shines through the plastic at the very end. Currently your only option is the Yubikey 4C at a piece. If you have a laptop that only has USB-C ports then a USB-A device is useless to you. This works well enough: the “button” is capacitive and triggers when you touch either of the contacts on the sides.

RFC1918 defines our friends, the private address ranges:
     10. 168/16 prefix)
However the solution to this fun filled problem is to grant them HTTP/HTTPS access to the inverse of this. 16/12 prefix)      192. 0/7
Now I can exclude everything right up until 10.  Enter the netmask command.  You can give it a range, and it’ll lay out what networks to you need to add like this:
     netmask -c 0. 255  (10/8 prefix)      172.

A representative for Steadfast said, “We added Tata Communications to our network because of the company’s strong connectivity to India as well as other developing countries and markets.  The company has a solid management team that continues to expand their presence into many markets most of which are under-served by other carriers. ”  Steadfast now enjoys a better overall global connectivity so it’s able to server a broader customer base.

China-based attackers stole millions of records which included data such as patient names, Social Security numbers, addresses, birth dates, and phone numbers after breaking into systems. No medical records nor any financial data was exposed by the nonetheless damaging breach, which CHS admitted had taken place between April and June as part of a regulatory filing.

In my current project, we have been using Juniper Network Connect to connect to client’s VPN. It’s a web based VPN authentication that uses Juniper Network Connect to.