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And you can also track the allocation of your portfolio in terms of stocks, bonds and cash. The first feature I’ve added is a feature to precisely track each of your assets independently. The tool also lets you set the desired distribution of your assets and will compute the difference that you should make in order to comply to your desired distribution.

The SonarQube service was launched, but failed to start. 2-RC3temp2 then the server starts . If i create the folder d: SonarVersionssonarqube-5.

If you are enrolled in the Beta program and got the Android 7. 1 Developer Preview, you can find that some of the apps already support App Shortcuts, for example: Camera, Dialer, Messenger, Google Drive, and Youtube. Unfortunately there’s no visual indication on which apps support this feature (at least not at this time), so you will have to long-press on every app’s launcher icon in order to discover the ones that support it.

With all the benefits that they bring, Kotlin coroutines are a fairly new design that needs extensive battle-testing before we can be sure it’s 100% right and complete. This is why we will release it under an “experimental” opt-in flag. We do not expect the language rules to change, but APIs may require some adjustments in Kotlin 1.

On March 23 we’ll stream live sessions featuring the Kotlin team members, plus there’s an organizers pack that includes some swag and a Future Features Survey. 1 is a good reason to meet up with your local user group and friends. We have prepared some materials to help you organize such an event. Get more info and register your event here.

A few days ago, I published a post comparing the performance of std::pow against direct multiplications. One comment that I’ve got was to test for which n is code:std::pow(x, n) becoming faster than multiplying in a loop. When not compiling with -ffast-math, direct multiplication was significantly faster than std::pow, around two orders of magnitude faster when comparing x * x * x and code:std::pow(x, 3). So I decided to do the tests. Since std::pow is using a special algorithm to perform the computation rather than be simply loop-based multiplications, there may be a point after which it’s more interesting to use the algorithm rather than a loop. You can also find the result in the original article, which I’ve updated.

I may cover the parallel algorithms of C++17 in a following post. If you have any suggestion for the next post, don’t hesitate to post a comment or contact me directly by email. I’ve covered pretty much everything that is available in C++11 for concurrency. I do not yet know if there will be a next installment in the series.

1 also introduces CHECK_EQ that does not any expression decomposition. Since I don’t use the debugger features and I don’t need to capture exception everywhere (it’s sufficient for me that the test fails completely if an exception is thrown), I’m more than eager to use these new features. Finally, a new configuration option is introduced (DOCTEST_CONFIG_SUPER_FAST_ASSERTS) that removes some features related to automatic debugger breaks. It is also possible to bypass the expression checking code by using FAST_CHECK_EQ macro. In that case, the exceptions are not captured. This is close to what I did in my macros expect that it is directly integrated into the framework and preserves all its features.

This will facilitate sharing modules between client and server. Stay tuned for 1. To make Kotlin a truly full-stack language, we are going to provide tooling and language support for compiling the same code for multiple platforms. Among other things, incremental compilation for the JavaScript platform is in the works already. We will keep working on improving the JavaScript tooling and library support.

App Shortcuts allows you to create shortcuts for specific actions within your app that can bring users directly from the launcher to the associated screens. The feature is available on any launcher that supports them, such as Google Now and Pixel launchers. To reveal the shortcuts of an app, simply long-press the launcher icon of that app.

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To install FirePath go to https://addons. Org/en-US/firefox/addon/firepath/ and click “Add to Firefox” button and then click “Install Now” button. 0 expressions, CSS 3 selectors and JQuery selectors with FirePath. 2- FirePath: You can edit, inspect and generate Xpath 1. When it is installed, restart the Firefox.