Failed to start machine boot2docker vm

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As boot2docker complained, you don't have ssh in your path. Exe into Windows path (it might not be visible, but boot2docker .

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000000 main Log opened 2015-08-20T15:16:24. 031250 main DMI Product Version: To be filled by O. 015626 main DMI Product Name: Z97-HD3 00:00:00. VirtualBox COM Server 5. 000000 main OS Product: Windows 8 00:00:00. 000000 main OS Service Pack: 00:00:00. 031250 main Host RAM: 8026MB total, 6257MB available. 000000 main OS Release: 6. 000000 main Build Type: release 00:00:00. Amd64 (Aug 19 2015 18:36:37) release log 00:00:00.

Log which may help to determine what goes wrong during enumeration. While it does not solve any issues, it writes some information into VBoxSVC. Please try a test build available at https://www. After installing it, just do “VBoxManage list hostonlyifs” or run GUI and provide the resulting VBoxSVC. Thanks a lot in advance.

The update check problem is completely unrelated to any of this (we know about that problem, we know what causes it). The “Nonexistent host networking interface” error at VM startup is consistent with the fact that ‘list hostonlyifs’ sees nothing.

Docker is clever enough to copy any files that exist in the image under the volume mount into the volume and set the ownership correctly. This won’t happen if you specify a host directory for the volume (so that host files aren’t accidentally overwritten).

So in this case, the seeding advantage doesn’t apply — or am I missing something. In my case, because I didn’t yet understand data containers, I mounted a host filesystem directory inside the database image, for data persistence. Also, I don’t understand “it also allows the volume to be seeded with data from the image”. Are you here assuming that prior to creating the data-container, we are using the database image for data storage.

: i’d like to give a helpful hand. “could anybody build BindView sample from WDK and check if it works on your host. Try to switch between “All Services” and “All Clients” several times, for example. This sample uses INetCfg interface extensively. Could you pls explain more easely as you were talk to a new born child what to do.

Error in run: Failed to start machine "boot2docker-vm": exit status 1. If you want to keep your existing boot2docker virtual machine, you could.

3-102322 has created one Host-Only adapter (according to the dialog in VirtualBox) although Windows Networking (Network Connections) shows two adapters associated with VirtualBox, one called “Ethernet” the other called “VirtualBox Host-Only Network”. 51-102372 with ExtPack 5.

VirtualBox can't find host-only adapters on Windows 10 host => Fixed in SVN.

Failed to get machine “boot2docker-vm”: machine does not exist snowch. Failed to start machine “boot2docker-vm”:. Failed to get machine “boot2docker.