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[IMG] My computer can only handle so much porn before it becomes unstable so I finally had to format and.

Half of all the post-mortems I read are barely about the actual business of whatever their business is, but, instead, sound like some nerd soap opera. The thing that hits me reading all of these is, once again, just how much time tech startups in the States waste dealing with venture capital and its ramifications (equity battles, constant whoring to pay off the last round’s investors, legal mumbo jumbo, having to deal with meddlesome investors, etc).

The 34 new additions, below. From Zirtual to Circa to Secret, we’ve added 34 startup post-mortems through mid-August 2015. While mega-financings and “unicorns” have dominated the headlines in 2015 YTD, there are still many new lessons to be learned from startups taking on out-of-control burn rates or failing to monetize properly.

Here’s why the latest group hit the skids. ) and AdMazely (SEED Capital). We’ve added 25 additional startup post-mortems, which include many recent additions in the past several months such as Canvas (Union Square Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz), Outbox (Founders Fund, Floodgate), Manilla (Hearst Corp.

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The only two people in the room that we hadn’t gotten prior support from were skeptical to say the least. My presentation was ok. The mandatory Q&A afterwards was horrible. And as my contact didn’t call me later on that day I knew where it was going. My chairman didn’t either. Not a good sign. As I left the room I was shattered.

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App Store, takes on traditional web symptom checkers by offering a more accurate. Hundreds of Microsoft Employees Worldwide Fail to Make the Cut. Start their health care on the right foot. Despite operating in stealth mode, Buoy has already amassed over 5000 users.

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We are proud of what we accomplished along the way: over one million items of clothing dry cleaned, and over 21,000 tons of laundry washed and folded. “We generated millions in revenue and hundreds of thousands of orders, but the nature of startups is being innovative and venturing into uncharted territory: sometimes you make it, sometimes you don’t.

1 way of doing things. A couple of hints: There are already several Start Menu replacement programs available at http://www. Com/ (Remember installing applications is not practical if the computer isn’t yours) It is possible to create a desktop shortcut to “C:Users[your user name]AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms” Start key + “R” opens the run dialog where you can type the name of a Windows executable. It’s back to the Windows 3. You can also browse to your Program Files folder to run programs directly, create shortcuts to them, or pin them.

As an adult, Tonawanda occupied a unique space in the art: At 175 pounds, she was larger than many of the other women who fought, making matchmaking difficult. Born on Long Island and orphaned by age 8, she started boxing at age 13, eventually migrating to the famed Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn. She once stated she sparred exclusively with men because women “don’t show me anything and they can’t take my power. Such was the state of female fighting when Tonawanda decided to compete.

We were not playing to our strengths. We had no experience in consumer of video. Product outside area of specialization: Nobody in the team had built a successful consumer product before. We all had experience in the enterprise space, selling to businesses.

Elsewhere, we have dug into the data on startups that died (as well as those acquihired) and found they usually die 20 months after raising financing and after having raised about . For consumer hardware startups, the stats are even more brutal, with 97% of seed or crowdfunded companies eventually dying or becoming “zombies.

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