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The combined area of these islands is 21,004 square miles, about one third the size of Washington D. By November 2004, approximately 4,000 United Kingdom and United States military personnel and civilian contractors were living on the island of Diego Garcia in a joint naval support facility. This area includes the entire Chagos Archipelago of 55 islands. However, this ruling was overturned in 2008, finding no right for the natives to return. Located in the Indian Ocean, the British Indian Ocean Territory is an archipelago south of India, about halfway between Africa and Indonesia. In the 1960’s and 70’s, approximately 1,200 former agricultural workers in the Chagos Archipelago were relocated to Mauritius and the Seychelles. Currently there are no indigenous habitats on these islands. In November 2000 they were granted the right of return by a British High Court ruling.

To prevent abuse a daily quota has been set. By submitting a whois query, you agree to use the whois data for lawful purposes only. This free service is for low-volume private non-commercial use only. Please do not abuse. By using this service, you agree to respect the copyright and usage notes of the originating registry database servers.

Io" Top Level Domain Name and provide this exclusive domain to registrars and their customers. Statement – 16th April 2017. We provide the Registry services to the ".

IO Sponsoring Organisation IO Top Level Domain Registry Cable and Wireless Diego Garcia British Indian Ocean Territory Administrative Contact.

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IO Top Level Domain Registry Cable and Wireless. Address: 9 Queens Road address: Bournemouth Dorset BH2 6BA address: United.

There is even a programming language called ‘io’. I/O signifies “[input/output]”, and is used in many programming languages and theory to signify a channel of communication between the program and the rest of the world. Another likely explanation for the domain’s popularity with tech companies specifically is the significance of the letters “io” to computer programmers.

It is also the ccTLD (country code top. IO is a trendy and fast-growing domain in the startup world. The up-and-coming domain for tech websites and startups -.

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WHOIS – online web tool to look up and check internet domain name registration information, COM/NET/ORG and many national TLDs.

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Exe) anywhere you like, and run it. Using WhoisThisDomain This utility doesn’t require any installation process or additional DLLs. Just put the executable file (WhoisTD. You can type a single domain, or multiple domains separated by commas, space characters, or enter characters. When running WhoisThisDomain utility, the “Choose Domains” window appears. After pressing the ‘OK’ button, WhoisThisDomain start to retrieve the domain registration records for the domains that you typed.

WhoIs lets you perform a domain whois search, whois IP lookup and search the whois database for relevant information on domain registration and availability.

Io; Introduced: 1997: TLD type: Country code top-level domain: Status: Active: Registry: NIC. IO (run by Internet Computer Bureau) Sponsor: IO Top Level Domain.

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    While not recommended for mission-critical applications (there will always be a brief spell after you are assigned a new IP, where the name still points to the old IP – these days increasingly briefer, as DNS systems improve), hosting a “real” domain from a dynamic IP is most definitely doable. No, so long as your hardware (computer/network/connexion/bandwidth allowance) can handle whatever kind of site you plan to host, it’s easy enough to point a proper TLD* at a dynamic IP address.

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