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On the other hand, if your site uses custom code or a ready integration is not yet available, then all you need to do is use our API. BoWoB integrates with many social networking and CMS softwares: BuddyPress, JomSocial, WordPress, Joomla. , Drupal, vBulletin, IP.

Domain_get_uri, Determine an absolute path to the current page. Domain_get_tokens, Returns all domain module tokens in a human-readable

Overview The Domain Access project is a suite of modules that provide. Access in Drupal, see http://api.

Function HOOK_url_outbound_alter(&$path, &$options, $original_path) {
// add http/s: if link is using // prefix
$path=’https:’. $path;
$path=’http:’. $path;

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in Drupal, see http://api. Overview The Domain Access project is a suite of modules that provide.

We’re really excited about Let’s Encrypt. And though we’re not ready to announce anything yet, let’s just say that we want Let’s Encrypt and the control panel to work very well together. It’s a great project that’s helping to make secure sites practical for everyone.

Walled gardens that follow traditional on-domain methodologies are being torn down and in its place are social media, open networks, new aggregators, API frameworks, and widgets. A critical success factor is no longer based on getting people click thru to on-domain content.

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Released only a couple of years apart, WordPress and Drupal are big players in the CMS market but WordPress has gained a lot more popularity over the years.

Note that this is a “convenience function” to use in . Hook_domain_conf, Allows modules to add additional form elements for saving
as domain-specific settings.

Use function url: $account1 = user. If you are pulling your hair out trying to figure out why absolute urls does not have correct.

But if you run into any problems, the support team is still available to help you out. Because we’re sure you’re eager to start managing certificates on your own, we’ve enabled the feature now, but we’re working to make managing certificates even better over the coming days, with complete documentation, API support, and more. Effective immediately, you can secure a site without opening a support ticket.

Работа с Drupal API. How to Build Beautiful Forms in Drupal 7 – Продолжительность: 43:15 BuildAModule 119 652 просмотра.

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