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On Windows they are searched for per default in C:Program FilesUrBackup with a “. 3: File backup group Indexing fails and backup is not started postfilebackup Called if a file backup successfully finished No parameters Ignored preimagebackup Called before a image backup (before snapshot/shadowcopy creation). 1: “0″ for full backup “1″ for incremental file backup. Image backup fails postimagebackup Called if a image backup successfully finished No parameters Ignored. Script Description Parameters On failure (return code not zero) prefilebackup Called before a file backup (before snapshot/shadowcopy creation). 2: Server token. All scripts except “prefilebackup. On Linux the clients pre and post backups scripts are searched for /etc/urbackup/ or /usr/local/etc/urbackup/ (depending on where urbackup is installed). Bat” on Windows have to be created first. 1: “0″ for full backup “1″ for incremental file backup.

1 describes how to set it up. There are licensing issues which are preventing ZFS from directly integrating with Linux. ZFS has some neat features like compression, block-level de-duplication, snapshots and build in raid support that make it well suited for backup storage. ZFS is a file system originating from Solaris. If you want the most performance and stability an option would be using FreeBSD (e. How to build a UrBackup server with ZFS is described in detail in section 11. It is available as a fuse module for Linux (zfs-fuse) and as a kernel module (ZFSOnLinux). UrBackup also has a special copy-on-write raw image backup format which allows “incremental forever” style image backups which works on ZFS.

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Currently, this is best configured on the client via GUI (accessible from the tray icon or by running UrBackupClient. Configuration of the Windows component backup via Windows backup API. Exe selectWindowsComponents ) or copy and pasting from a client configured via GUI.

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The definition of Name Server defined and explained in simple language. Is the primary server, while the second is used as a backup server if the first server is .

During the nightly cleanup UrBackup will remove backups of this client if there are more backups than the minimal number of file/image backups until this quota is met. 20%) or absolute (e. The quota can be in percent (e.

We become flooded by failed dns requests, emails, queries, etc that these servers could not handle. Shortly before hand we had our backup mail servers, name servers, and dns servers online and ready to failover.

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For the symlink method you need to go to your SSL webroot and then do e. Either add a symlink to the ’www’ UrBackup directory or define it as an alias. : ln -s /usr/share/urbackup/www urbackup.

Minimal number of full file backups for this client. If the server ran out of backup storage space the server can delete full file backups until this minimal number is reached. If deleting a backup would cause the number of full file backups to be lower than this number it aborts with an error message.

Then add fastcgi. 1″,  
     “port” => 55413  

For example, the default backup interval should be one hour and at night (8pm to 6am) it should be 4 hours: 1;[email protected]/20-6.

If a computer is moved from one subnet to another this new client is discovered and the server in the new subnet automatically takes over backing it up. The server part of UrBackup runs on Windows, GNU/Linux and FreeBSD. 0 UrBackup can also backup clients over the Internet without VPN (see section 7), and archive backups (see section 11. If server and clients are in the same subnet the server will automatically discover the clients and then start backing them up (for details see section 5). On the clients you only need to say which directories should be backed up. The interested administrator should also read up on the general UrBackup architecture (section 3), how the backups are stored and performed (section 6), proposals on which file systems are suited (section 11. The client software currently runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X with only the Windows client being able to perform image backups. This also makes building a decentralized backup strategy very easy, as e. Installation instructions are in section 2. One backup server per subnet is responsible for backing up all clients in this subnet. A lot of effort in UrBackup was made to make setup as easy as possible. This means there is a server which backs up clients. UrBackup is a client/server backup system. Accordingly UrBackup is divided into a client and server software. 6) and take a look at some sample a setup with the next generation file systems ZFS and btrfs at section 11. If you are okay with the default settings (see section 8) the only thing you need to define on the server side is where backups should be stored. If you want to implement something like this, you should also read the section on security (see 4) for details on when a client accepts a server.

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