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Point Cloud are loaded in database thanks to PDAL and patches are compressed in LAZ. To stream hundreds of millions of points with LOD in an effective way, points are ordered with the Midoc algorithm and a revert Morton code is used when too many patches are involved.

Основной серверный продукт — ArcGIS for Server, предназначен для многопользовательских геоинформационных проектов с централизованным хранилищем и.

That’s where you come in. The phenomenal growth of consumer web mapping has opened the eyes of the world to the value of maps and geography and created an audience ready for more sophisticated spatial analysis and geographically oriented storytelling.


Speaker Bio: Mike Kavis is Vice President & Principal Cloud Architect at Cloud Technology Partners. In this session we will explore how to derive the greatest value from DevOps and how it should be used in an enterprise context to deliver high-quality software, better, faster and cheaper. He has served in numerous technical roles such as CTO, Chief Architect, and VP positions with over 25 years of experience in software development and architecture. DevOps is not a person or a bunch of systems administrators writing Chef scripts, and it’s definitely not just another software methodology. DevOps is a hot topic these days despite the fact that the term is broadly misunderstood.

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Speaker Bio:Nati Shalom, Founder and CTO at GigaSpaces, is a thought leader in Cloud-Computing and Big-Data Technologies. DevOps processes (such as continuous deployment and delivery) often involve writing many custom scripts that are triggered by the build system. In this session we will walk through specific DevOps workflows (such as install, update, etc) using Riemann as the framework in subject and see the steps required to automate those processes. With that approach, it is relatively hard to trace the deployment process and troubleshoot when something goes wrong. Shalom was recently recognized as a Top Cloud Computing Blogger for CIO’s by The CIO Magazine and his blog listed as an excellent blog by *technical founders* by YCombinator. Additionally, custom scripts are often not written in an easily understood manner. Shalom is also the founder of the IGTCloud, and is a frequent presenter at industry conferences.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related spatial analysis methods are quite adept at handling spatial dimensions of patterns and processes, but the temporal and coupled space-time attributes of phenomena are difficult to represent and examine with contemporary GIS. Dealing with the temporal dynamics of geographic processes is one of the grand challenges for Geographic Information Science. Torrens, Center for Urban Science + Progress, New York University).


Speaker Bio: Svein Willassen is the founder and CTO of the leading WebRTC based video conferencing service appear. He is currently leading the on-going development of that service. This is the story about how the Norwegian Red Cross used WebRTC to build a service that allow high school student to meet volunteer tutors and get help with their school assignments just by visiting a web page in their browser. The solution has greatly increased the reach of the tutoring service run by the Red Cross, allowing students to get the help they need without leaving their homes. Svein has a PhD in forensic computing and has worked extensively with forensic analysis of communication systems as well as development of communication services.

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Toole’s work includes the development, quality, and engineering operations of a wide array of hosted services at the infrastructure and e-commerce level. The world is becoming more connected, collaborative and mobile, and Adobe wanted to make the shift to meet those needs. [continued]

Speaker Bio: As senior director, Ken Toole is responsible for the day to day engineering effort required to deliver Adobe’s flagship Creative Cloud service. In 2013, Adobe took the bold step of moving from a perpetual licensing model to a subscription-based model to sell its creative software. In the year since, Adobe built the infrastructure to store and share files in the cloud, and acquired Behance, a thriving social network used by millions of people to connect, showcase their work, and discover other talent. The process began in 2012 when Adobe launched the first phase of Creative Cloud, which provided Adobe’s full set of creative applications as a membership.

I do hope they accept my modest patch to make it work with PostgreSQL 9. Which one is better. Recently the fine folks at Carto patched the ODBC FDW to work with PostgreSQL 9. The answer as most always is IT DEPENDS. So now 2 FDWs to choose from for connecting to ODBC datasources.

Although PaaS is new, it’s rapidly gaining momentum, with growth projected at 48 percent annually by Technavio, the research firm, and topping billion in value by 2016. [continued]

Speaker Bio: As Chief Technology Officer, Karen Tegan Padir, a Progress senior vice president and 20-year software industry veteran, is responsible for defining and delivering the company’s technology strategy, innovation and vision, reporting to President and Chief Executive Officer Phil Pead. In this presentation Karen Tegan Padir will give a comprehensive overview of PaaS and explain the top five things that developers need to know about this new way to support and deliver applications by leveraging cloud technology. Padir joined Progress Software in September 2012 as senior vice president and business line executive for application development, the company’s largest product line. If PaaS is treated as a strategic opportunity to align agendas across IT and across the business, it may well prove to be a ʺonce in a generationʺ opportunity to clarify, improve, and strengthen everything developers do.

If a map has a purpose and an audience—and a user experience—it’s an app. It’s not surprising to realize that most GIS apps are also based on the use of maps. And just like consumer-based mapping apps, these are familiar and easy for people to adapt and use in their work lives as well.

During his seven and a half year-tenure, the company tripled in size and successfully acquired 70 companies [continued]. Hear how enterprise application suites, technology, and economics have finally evolved to realize the vision of the cloud for running the full business — today. Yet up to now, mission critical applications have not been cloud-ready — it’s been a world of point solutions from multiple vendors requiring extensive integration, or cloud applications simply lacked the deep functionality required to meet the unique needs of manufacturers, hospitals, banks, or hotels. Businesses have been looking to move more than just their back office applications to the cloud. [continued]

Speaker Bio: Prior to Infor, Phillips was President of Oracle Corporation and a member of its Board of Directors.

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