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Actually running Magento on Amazon's Elastic Beanstalk Cloud platform ...

Utilizing Gatling’s capabilities to simulate actual users on the site, we were able to significantly stress the database and exceed more than 7,000 queries per second. The Gatling tests simulate the actual ordering process, creating a significant amount of write-bound queries (which do not occur when a user simply browses the site). For the MySQL and Percona comparison, the Gatling tool was used for all testing. Siege in not useful in this case as most data is located within the various caches and, once warmed, the database subsystem is barely utilized. Running a simple Siege test showed no difference between the two systems.

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You get a higher reliability than most standard hosters (data center) world wide offer. The speed of AWS is just fantastic. The performance of the „Elastic Block Storage“ is similar to S3, but it offers more features. Based on a hourly rate you get Xeon-class performance EC2 Compute.

This guide discusses best practices for deploying Magento on AWS using services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Virtual  .

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The second part of this test was run to calculate the maximum number of orders per second an MCE-SIP-200 cluster running Percona is capable of processing. A “buyer” in this test consists of the following sequence:. Using Gatling, a buyer test without any simulated visitors was run. Various amounts of buyers, from 750 to 3,000, were queued and run against the cluster to see how many orders by these buyers could be processed per second.

New deployments should use the “Magento powered by Bitnami. This image is for customers that require legacy paravirtualization support (PV).

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IPage Hosting Company is ranked fourth among the top eCommerce Website Hosting Providers. E-commerce features that are offered at iPage include an SSL Secure server, Security Suite and  Site Lock. The company has SSL certification which allows secure transactions on line along with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Others are Shop Site, free listing on the yellow pages, various shopping cart along with membership at Rate Point for 60 days, Google Web Master Tools and site analytic software.

I want to set up my system using Amazon Web Services as a hosting provider. How can I configure AWS to work with Magento.

New AWS Quick Start – Magento for E. Websites & Website Hosting Power web. Get Started Start developing on Amazon Web Services using one of our pre-built.

How can I configure AWS to work with Magento. I want to set up my system using Amazon Web Services as a hosting provider.

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